Kat received her Bachelor of Fine Art degree in 2007, in Graphic Design, at C.W. Post College/Long Island University, in New York.  From 2009-2011, she studied at The School of Visual Arts’ Continuing Education program in New York City until she moved to London to develop her printmaking practice full time.  In 2012 she received a Masters degree with Merit at Camberwell College of Art/University of the Arts London in printmaking.  In 2013 Kat was granted an Artist Residency at the Women’s Studio Workshop in New York, USA.  Kat currently lives in Plymouth, MA and prints/publishes her editions at her studio, Inky Hands Print Studio.  He work is exhibited regularly in London, Hong Kong and the USA, and is collected worldwide.  Kat has been featured in the Dallas Style and Design Magazine and the Allen Image, in 2017, and has won numerous awards for her practice and her artwork from 2015-2017.

Kat’s work is fueled by inspiration in natural landscape and how humans experience them. This theme became prominent in her work when she noticed the impact corporations were having on her surrounding environment and their rapid overdevelopment of the spacious land neighboring her.   The compositions reflect recognizable landmarks, offering narratives and asking the viewer to connect with them.  An identity of place is a key theme in her work, and her work reflects a relationship between self, place and time, inviting the viewer to seek out the sublime, solitude, grandeur and adventure in the most natural places.

Changing environments and a wanderlust desire inspire Kat’s work.  She aims to provide her audience with a diversity of landscapes, offering personal interpretations of environmental themes.  The places she reflects on are places she explores on her own, traveling thousands of miles by car to reach them, and then explores inside by foot.  She photographs and sketches on site, then returns to her studio to spend countless hours illustrating the artwork that she will screen print by hand. 

 The experimental way in which she is using screen printing is similar to a painter in a studio, working with a variety of materials, manipulating the flat surface of paper, adding illusion and texture and areas of depth and complexity in multiple layers, colors, and application.  Her screen printing practice is constantly evolving while she experiments with and develops innovative methods in the process.